Monday, March 31, 2014

PVC Plastic Products, Molded Plastic Products

Varieties of PVC Plastic Products and Their Uses

After the invention of the plastic and plastic products the life of human completely changed. Due to lots of properties and benefits of the plastics like finishing, water & chemical resistance, fancy look, long lasting, low weight comparable to the metals, low manufacturing costs, and many other properties.

Similarly the molded plastic products are some of the most important plastic products which are manufactured using rotomoulding machines. These products have hollow cavities inside them and are manufactured by rotational moulding machines on large scale. Some particular patterns are used to manufacture these molded plastic products. These plastic products find many application in different industries and our day to day life in our modern world.

Some of the Popular PVC and Plastic Products are:
  • Road safety products like traffic cones, road barrier, sign boards, warning boards, drums, road dividers, etc.
  • Plastic products used to make different industrial equipments, home appliances, batteries, mannequins, dummies, electrical & electronic equipments, boats, ships, marine buoys, etc.
  • Storage for industrial purpose like crates, and other storage products.
  • Bottles, lunch box, toys, jars, jugs, buckets, suitcase, other kitchen & home ware products.
  • Cylindrical vertical tanks or vessels like water tanks, etc.
  • Horizontal tanks or vessels.
  • Tunnels in amusement water parks.
  • Plastic cupboards, cabinets & other furniture.
  • Dust bins, litter bins, pipes, etc.
  • Trailers for the vehicles.
Apart from the above listed plastic products there are lots of other molded plastic products which are also used in different walks of life. The beauty and advantages of such molded plastic products is that they are available in different shapes, sizes and ranges at comparatively very low cost. Their easy availability, high durability, resistivity against water, chemical, electricity & chemical erosion gives them an added advantages over the plastic products which are manufactured the traditional way.

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