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Metal Casting Process, Machines, and Applications

Metal Casting

Casting is a process of making metal articles by pouring liquid metal in to mold of different shapes, designs and sizes. When liquid metal solidifies then these articles are broken out of those molds. Metal product produced this way is also called as casting. There are different types of metals which are used in metal casting process to produce castings.

Metal castings is not new to us but this technology has been in practice since ancient time. People in ancient civilization discovered many techniques to make castings of different metals by molting them through some techniques. Now today we have lots of technology, tools, equipments and patterns to make different types of castings of different metals. Now there are latest technology foundries, latest tools & equipments and patterns to make castings of complex shapes and sizes.

Metal casting finds its application in various walks of life and industries like in making engines for automobiles, jewelery making, artistic metal sculptures, making air craft parts, home utensils, and many other types of complex products and articles. Products made through casting process are also called as castings. There are different types of casting methods to produce different types of casting products.

Industrial Metal Casting

Types of Furnaces Used in Metal Casting Foundries:

Foundry is a factory or place where metal casting is done with the help of various types of furnaces, machines and equipments. The furnaces are used for melting one metal or mixture of different metals in foundries in order to make of castings in different shapes, designs and sizes. Different types of furnaces use different types of fuels and technology. Following are some of the main furnaces used in metal casting foundries:
  • Crucible Furnace
  • Blast Furnace
  • Hobby Crucible Furnace
  • Cupola Furnace
  • Electric Induction Furnace
  • Open Hearth Furnace
  • Rotating Furnace
  • Metallurgical Furnace

Metal Casting Process

Metal Casting  Machines & Equipments:

Apart from foundries and furnaces there are different types of machines and equipments which are also used in metal casting process to facilitate the casting process. Below are some of the machines and equipments which are used in casting process:
  • Metal Casting Machine
  • Metal Molding Machine
  • Continuous Casting Machine
  • Die Casting Machine
  • Hot Chamber Machine
  • Cold Chamber Machine
Metal Casting Furnace

Applications of Metal Casting:

Today metal casting find applications in many areas of industrial and day to day life. Metal casting is used to produce different types of metal products which are used for various domestic and industrial purpose. Some of the products produced by metal casting process are:

Metal Casting Products
Different Types of Metal  Products Produced by Casting Process:

  • Bell Casting: Bells of various shapes, designs and sizes are produced by the casting process. Different types of bells are used in temples, churches, cathedrals, etc. worldwide. Most of these bells are made from brass.
  • Weapons Casting: Lots of weapons are manufactured by casting process like guns, knives, swords, etc.
  • Artwork Metal Casting: In this category you can find products like artwork castings, decorative artwork metal castings, antique metal castings, sculptural metal castings, brass sculptures, bronze artwork, copper artwork, etc.
  • Aircraft Casting: Various aircraft parts are manufactured by meal casting process.
  • Jewelry Casting: Casting is also employed in making various types of jewelry from various metals like silver, copper, bronze, etc. in various shapes and designs.
  • Motor Casting: Many parts of various types of automobiles are also made with the help of metal casting e.g. engines, nuts, bolts, screws, sprockets, spare parts, chasis, and many other metal parts and components.
  • Home-Wares: Stainless steel and brass are used for making utensils, buckets, dishes, bowls, boxes, containers, and other house-ware products by casting process. Apart from this various types of brass hardware, steel hardware, wrought iron hardware are also manufactured by this process.
  • Wrought Iron Products: Through casting process varieties of wrought iron products are manufactured like sculptures, idols, chairs, beds, other furniture, gate, railings, grille, toys, etc.
  • Other Casting Products: Apart from the above listed products there are also many other items which are produced by casting such as brass musical instruments, copper utensils, copper electrical components, construction material like steel rods, angles, bars, pipes, corrugated sheets, metal sheets, etc.
Sculpture Metal Casting

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