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Metal Casting Process, Machines, and Applications

Metal Casting

Casting is a process of making metal articles by pouring liquid metal in to mold of different shapes, designs and sizes. When liquid metal solidifies then these articles are broken out of those molds. Metal product produced this way is also called as casting. There are different types of metals which are used in metal casting process to produce castings.

Metal castings is not new to us but this technology has been in practice since ancient time. People in ancient civilization discovered many techniques to make castings of different metals by molting them through some techniques. Now today we have lots of technology, tools, equipments and patterns to make different types of castings of different metals. Now there are latest technology foundries, latest tools & equipments and patterns to make castings of complex shapes and sizes.

Metal casting finds its application in various walks of life and industries like in making engines for automobiles, jewelery making, artistic metal sculptures, making air craft parts, home utensils, and many other types of complex products and articles. Products made through casting process are also called as castings. There are different types of casting methods to produce different types of casting products.

Industrial Metal Casting

Types of Furnaces Used in Metal Casting Foundries:

Foundry is a factory or place where metal casting is done with the help of various types of furnaces, machines and equipments. The furnaces are used for melting one metal or mixture of different metals in foundries in order to make of castings in different shapes, designs and sizes. Different types of furnaces use different types of fuels and technology. Following are some of the main furnaces used in metal casting foundries:
  • Crucible Furnace
  • Blast Furnace
  • Hobby Crucible Furnace
  • Cupola Furnace
  • Electric Induction Furnace
  • Open Hearth Furnace
  • Rotating Furnace
  • Metallurgical Furnace

Metal Casting Process

Metal Casting  Machines & Equipments:

Apart from foundries and furnaces there are different types of machines and equipments which are also used in metal casting process to facilitate the casting process. Below are some of the machines and equipments which are used in casting process:
  • Metal Casting Machine
  • Metal Molding Machine
  • Continuous Casting Machine
  • Die Casting Machine
  • Hot Chamber Machine
  • Cold Chamber Machine
Metal Casting Furnace

Applications of Metal Casting:

Today metal casting find applications in many areas of industrial and day to day life. Metal casting is used to produce different types of metal products which are used for various domestic and industrial purpose. Some of the products produced by metal casting process are:

Metal Casting Products
Different Types of Metal  Products Produced by Casting Process:

  • Bell Casting: Bells of various shapes, designs and sizes are produced by the casting process. Different types of bells are used in temples, churches, cathedrals, etc. worldwide. Most of these bells are made from brass.
  • Weapons Casting: Lots of weapons are manufactured by casting process like guns, knives, swords, etc.
  • Artwork Metal Casting: In this category you can find products like artwork castings, decorative artwork metal castings, antique metal castings, sculptural metal castings, brass sculptures, bronze artwork, copper artwork, etc.
  • Aircraft Casting: Various aircraft parts are manufactured by meal casting process.
  • Jewelry Casting: Casting is also employed in making various types of jewelry from various metals like silver, copper, bronze, etc. in various shapes and designs.
  • Motor Casting: Many parts of various types of automobiles are also made with the help of metal casting e.g. engines, nuts, bolts, screws, sprockets, spare parts, chasis, and many other metal parts and components.
  • Home-Wares: Stainless steel and brass are used for making utensils, buckets, dishes, bowls, boxes, containers, and other house-ware products by casting process. Apart from this various types of brass hardware, steel hardware, wrought iron hardware are also manufactured by this process.
  • Wrought Iron Products: Through casting process varieties of wrought iron products are manufactured like sculptures, idols, chairs, beds, other furniture, gate, railings, grille, toys, etc.
  • Other Casting Products: Apart from the above listed products there are also many other items which are produced by casting such as brass musical instruments, copper utensils, copper electrical components, construction material like steel rods, angles, bars, pipes, corrugated sheets, metal sheets, etc.
Sculpture Metal Casting

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PVC Plastic Products, Molded Plastic Products

Varieties of PVC Plastic Products and Their Uses

After the invention of the plastic and plastic products the life of human completely changed. Due to lots of properties and benefits of the plastics like finishing, water & chemical resistance, fancy look, long lasting, low weight comparable to the metals, low manufacturing costs, and many other properties.

Similarly the molded plastic products are some of the most important plastic products which are manufactured using rotomoulding machines. These products have hollow cavities inside them and are manufactured by rotational moulding machines on large scale. Some particular patterns are used to manufacture these molded plastic products. These plastic products find many application in different industries and our day to day life in our modern world.

Some of the Popular PVC and Plastic Products are:
  • Road safety products like traffic cones, road barrier, sign boards, warning boards, drums, road dividers, etc.
  • Plastic products used to make different industrial equipments, home appliances, batteries, mannequins, dummies, electrical & electronic equipments, boats, ships, marine buoys, etc.
  • Storage for industrial purpose like crates, and other storage products.
  • Bottles, lunch box, toys, jars, jugs, buckets, suitcase, other kitchen & home ware products.
  • Cylindrical vertical tanks or vessels like water tanks, etc.
  • Horizontal tanks or vessels.
  • Tunnels in amusement water parks.
  • Plastic cupboards, cabinets & other furniture.
  • Dust bins, litter bins, pipes, etc.
  • Trailers for the vehicles.
Apart from the above listed plastic products there are lots of other molded plastic products which are also used in different walks of life. The beauty and advantages of such molded plastic products is that they are available in different shapes, sizes and ranges at comparatively very low cost. Their easy availability, high durability, resistivity against water, chemical, electricity & chemical erosion gives them an added advantages over the plastic products which are manufactured the traditional way.

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Oil Mills, Vegetable Oil Mill Machinery and Equipments

A to Z of Vegetable Oil Mill Machinery

Here in this article I am going to explain each and every aspect of oil mill machines such that what is oil mill, why they are used, what technology they use to produce different types of vegetable oil, edible oil, cooking oil, and oil cakes.

What is an Oil Mill?

Oil Mills are chiefly used to grind seeds to extract oil from them. These machines are largely used in oil mills all over the world and form an important part of oil extracting procedures. It is to be kept in mind that these machines need to be maintained properly in order to have the best performance for a long time. 

Over the last few years there has been a huge change in the seed grinding and the oil extracting procedure and so it is obvious that companies nowadays have to employ the best possible machines in order to have the best possible performance. These machines are designed to be in perfect condition for a long time and are absolutely important for those who are in search of some quality products for the extraction of oil from seeds.

Technology Used in Oil Mills

Oil mills generally use two technologies in order to extract oil from seeds. These technologies are known as pre pressing technology and full pressing technology. In the pre pressing technology the oil is extracted from the seeds by mechanical pressing. The pre-pressed cake is then transferred to the Solvent Extraction Plant for further processing. Through this process it is possible to extract oil from almost all sorts of seeds and these machines are easy to use as well.

The full pressing technology is generally used by smaller companies with a limited capacity. In this technology oil is extracted from seeds through double pressing in order to make the most out of the resources. It is to be kept in mind that these machines are an important part of modern oil mills and hence are manufactured from top quality materials.

Different Requirements to Produce Different Types of Oil

Different types of edible oils are extracted from seeds by using these machines. It is to be kept in mind that different seeds give out oil under different pressures and so it is important for users to regulate the pressure inside the machine according to their requirements. Rapeseed oil is the commonest form of oil that these machines extract. In Rapeseed the oil content is almost 40 to 45 percent of the total ingredients in the seed and these seeds are generally hard to break. However, with the use of Oil Mill Machines it is possible to extract oil from rapeseeds down to the last drop, thus having an excellent return on investment.

Another important type of oil extracted by these machines is the sunflower oil. This type of oil is widely used all over the world and is generally regarded as a healthy substitute for mustard oil. The oil is extracted from sunflower seeds and has certain health benefits such as preventing the accumulation of cholesterol and preventing cardiovascular disease. The sunflower seeds have high oil content that can easily be extracted from the seeds with the help of machines.

Castor seeds are also pressed in these machines in order to extract oil from them. In most of the cases these machines are used by companies in the tropical region. As castor seeds are mainly produced in tropical and sub tropical regions they have high oil content and are generally taken through the pre pressing in order to extract even the last drop of oil. Castor oil has a large number of uses and is mainly used in medicines and food products. They are also used as preservatives. Castor oil is also used as lubricants in machines to keep intricate machine parts in proper shape.

How Much Such Mills Cost?

Different types of Oil Mills are available at different prices and users should be careful enough while choosing a product for industrial use. Smaller machines are generally available within the price range of $2000 and $3000. These machines are smaller in size and are perfect for smaller business. However, the machines that are used in larger industrial applications cost between $25000 and $450000. If these machines are maintained properly they can last for a long time though proper cleaning and repairing job is necessary from time to time.

Where to Buy Such Oil Mills From?

There are many places where one can buy such vegetable oil mills or oil mill machinery from. Such manufacturer companies sell these mills all over the world and so it is not hard for oil manufacturers to purchase these machines. It is to be kept in mind that these machines can also be ordered online but it is always better to contact the manufacturer in person before making a purchase. Author of this article can be contacted at G+.

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Rubber Moulded Components for Automobiles

Automotive Rubber Parts & Their Applications in Automobiles

A car or any other vehicle is made up using lots of technology, equipments and parts. Similarly there are some particular types of rubber molded products or parts which are also used in making vehicles. Such automotive rubber components play a very important role in proper functioning of the automobiles. 

rubber bellows for automobiles

Below I am mentioning some very important rubber parts which are used in automobile industries worldwide:

Rubber Dust Covers: These rubber products find a large application in auto industry. They are used to protect some parts of vehicles like suspensions, steering, etc. from dust, so that they can work efficiently. They also increase the life of such parts.

rubber dust covers for automobiles

Rubber Grommets: These are round rings made of rubber which are inserted into a hole so that it can enforce the hole as well as protect the edge of the hole. These also protects the hole edge from the metal objects inserted through the hole. For example in a car if some wires pass though such holes in metal sheet of the car then these grommets protects these wires from the sharp edges of these holes, as well as protecting the wires from any wear and tear too.

rubber grommets for automobiles

Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts: These are rubber products which are bonded with metals are used to isolate the vibration and noise generated by the vehicle or any other machines. Some examples of such rubber parts are suspension bushes, torque rod bushes, silent block bushes, etc.

rubber to metal bonded parts for auto industry

Engine Mountings: Engine mounting is used to attach the engine with the car body. They prevent any kind of vibrations(caused by the engine) from passing to the car body. They are made up of combination of metal and high quality rubber. They are very very important for any car and vehicle.

engine mountings for vehicles

Cushion Foot Mountings: These are also one of the type of anti vibration mountings which are not only used in vehicles but also in generators and other machinery. They are used for high performance, to bear high load, and were long service life is needed. They are made from superior quality of rubbers which are very high resistance to wear & tear and vibration resistant.

cushion foot mountings for automobiles

Isolator Mountings: These are also called engine mounts as they isolate the other parts of the vehicle from the vibrations and vibration noise generated by the engine.
O Mountings: These mountings are used in some particular parts of the vehicle to protect them from vibration and shocks. Thus it also play a role of vibration isolation and shock absorbers resulting in smooth functioning of the car and comfortable experience. Apart from the vehicles these mountings are also used in other machinery and equipments like generators, high speed motors, and other machines.

o mountings for automobiles

U Mountings: Similar to the o mountings these are also used in some particular parts of the vehicles and other machines to protect from the shocks and vibrations. 
u mountings for automobiles
Rubber Bellows: Theses rubber components(also called as rubber gaiters) are used to protect some particular parts of the vehicles from dust, debris, weather conditions, etc. thus increasing the life of those parts of the vehicles. Made from high quality rubber, these parts also provide cushioning effect and last for very long.

rubber bellows for automobiles

Rubber Gaskets: These atc as seals and are used to prevent fluid leaks between two substrate parts. They also find good applications in automobiles.

rubber gaskets for auto industry

Rubber Packings: These are used in automobile industry for the purpose of sealing any compartment so that no air, gas, or oil leaks in or out. These sometimes are also called rubber gaskets, and thus are very vital for any vehicle or some particular machines.

rubber packings for automobiles

Rectangular Sandwich Mountings: These mountings are used to fix engine of vehicle, and are in rectangular in shape. In this mounting a high quality rubber is sandwiched between two metal plates, so that rubber provide a cushion zone and absorb vibrations caused by the engines and jerks while driving.

rectangular sandwich mountings for automobiles

Suspension Bushes: These are nothing but some rubber components which are used to hold steering system and shockers in place. These also absorb any shocks and jerks thus protecting the steering components from any wear and tear. Worn out suspension bushes need to be replaced as soon as possible as it me result in other harm to the vehicle like uneven wear of the tyres, vehicle pulling to one side, irritating vibration & noise, uncomfortable ride, etc.

suspension bushes for automobiles

Silent Block Bushes: These bushes are used in vehicles suspension systems to absorb the vibrations caused by the vehicle. They are also very necessary for the proper functioning of the vehicle suspension system and comfortable ride experience.

silent block bushes

Rubber Sleeves: These are rubber hollow tubes which are used to cover various parts of the vehicle to protect them from any wear & tear, rust, corrosion, etc. thus prolonging their life.

rubber sleeves for auto industry

Rubber Bushes: These are cylindrical rubber tubes which are used in automobiles to absorb shock load axially, radially and torsionally so that passengers experience a vibration free and comfortable ride.

rubber bushes for auto industry
Torque Rod Bushes: These bushes are made from high quality urethane rubber and are know for their high tensile strength. These bushes are used in heavy vehicles like trucks, buses, dumpers, cargo truck, tractors and other heavy vehicles to support torque reaction force(generated by the vehicle during speeding, slowing and halting) which is quite necessary to absorb the vibration and for comfortable ride in heavy vehicles.

torque rod bush for automobiles

Rubber Buffers: These rubber products are used for absorbing energy and slowing the impacting object to a gradual stop on overhead cranes, elevators, doors, bumpers, etc. It reduces the impact of force caused by striking of two surfaces thus saving both of them from wear and tear.
rubber buffers for automobiles

Anti Vibration Mountings: These are particular mountings which are specially used to prevent any vibration to pass from one part to other part. For example these are also used to prevent the vibration generated by the engine to the vehicle compartment, so that passengers get comfortable ride.

anti vibration mountings for automobiles

Rubber Oil Seals: Also called as shaft oil seals, lip seals and radial oil seals, the oil seals are used to seal around and keep oil or lubricant inside the engine, axle or any other compartment. These are quite important for the proper and smooth functioning of the machine or engine.

rubber oil seals

Rubber O Rings: These are one of the type of oil seals as mentioned above, but apart from oil sealing they are also used to prevent air from leaking out. Apart from automobiles they are also used in different machines and equipments like underwater cameras, scuba diving equipments, water proof machines, etc.

rubber o rings

Rubber Diaphragms: Also known as diaphragm seals are flexible rubber seals which are used to prevent transmission of any substance(oil, gas, liquid, dust, etc.) between two places.

rubber diaphragms for automobiles

Rubber Rollers: These(also called rubber covered rolls) are sheet of rubber which are used for spreading, laminating and guiding in automobile and various other industries.

rubber rolls

Rubber Washers: These are rubber rings which are used to prevent transmission of vibration from one part to other. These are also used in many other machines and equipments.

rubber washers

Rubber Bumpers: These are elongated rubber cover used on front and rear side of a vehicle to protect by reducing the impact of any collision with a vehicle or any other objects.

rubber bumpers for automobiles

Rubber Sheets: These rubber sheets are used widely in different industrial sectors including the automobile industry. These sheets are used for covering, decorating, protecting and other multipurpose uses.

rubber sheets
Trinity Auto Engineering Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of rubber moulded components, automobile rubber parts, automotive rubber products and other rubber products for automobiles. You can also visit us at G+.

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Anti Vibration Mountings and Their Advantages

Car is said to be the second best friend of man after his beloved partner. In today's world nobody cant imagine life without his or her car. A car is not only a piece of metal but it also becomes the part of their life. It carries you wherever you want to go, it protects you from dust, rain, jerks, hails, snow, dust storm, and even accidents while traveling. But do you care for your car in the same manner? Most of the people do, but still most of them forget one important thing and that is the anti vibration mounting.

anti vibration mountings for vehicles

What is Anti Vibration Mounting?

Anti vibration mountings are rubber made components which are used not only in cars, buses, trucks but also in air crafts. These are used to minimize the effects of the vibration caused by the engine and by the car while traveling. These are specially designed rubber products which absorbs the jerks and vibrations produced by the engine. The vibration produced in the vehicle not only distracts the riders but also frustrates them apart from shortening the life of the vehicle.

Why They are Important for Your Vehicle?

If vibration are not absorbed then they can cause a big wear and tear to the many parts of the vehicle but can also loosen the joints in vehicle. Such mountings not only reduces the unwanted and irritating noise but also increases the over all life of your beloved car. There are lots of companies which manufactures such anti vibration mountings of high quality and different sizes for different vehicles. Thus riders will get overall comfortable ride experience without any noise, jerks and vibrations.
anti vibration mountings for vehicles

When to Replace?

When your vehicle start making noise and vibrations then it is the time to have your vehicle checked for all expired rubber mountings. A good mechanic after proper inspection of your vehicle can advise you to replace them. Or it is also worth to keep visiting your mechanic regularly for such checkups so that the problem can be fixed in advance.

How to Replace?

Never try to replace them yourself, but instead have them replaced by a good mechanic as he knows which type of rubber mountings will be suitable for your car. Because there are different types and quality of rubber mountings are available in the market and each one serves different purpose. Thus it is very important to get the perfect size and quality.

anti vibration mountings for vehicles

Where to Buy Them From?

Although lots of companies manufacturer such rubber components but one should only purchase these from a good, reliable and reputed company because quality does matter. Do not look for cheap ones, a little extra bucks are worth to spend for quality and durability.

Other Important Things

Make a routine of regular checkups of such mountings and replace them as soon as they expire. Believe me it is worth to replace such expired or worn mountings on regular basis as it will not only give you a comfortable journey but will also prolong your car's life.

Author is the owner of Trinity Auto Engineering Pvt Ltd which is a reputed and reliable company which manufacturers anti vibration mountings and all other rubber products for automobiles.

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Rotational Moulding Machinery and Its all About

A to Z of Rotational Moulding Machinery

These Machines are one of the most important machines used in industries. These machines are used to produce various types of rotational moulds of different sizes and shapes which are used for various industrial and domestic purpose worldwide.

The moulds produced by these machinery are strong, durable, easily usable, and of good finishing. Different types of Rotomoulding Machinery are available in the market and each one has a different use. Hence it is important for users to know what the uses are of individual machines in order to have the best possible service for the machines.

Types of Rotational Moulding Machinery:

There are different types of rotomoulding machinery which are used for making different kind of roto moulds. Some major types of rotational moulding machines are:
  1. The Rock and Roll Machine is chiefly used to manufacture long and narrow parts. Products having large length to width ratio are best manufactured through these machines. These machines are also more cost efficient than biaxial machines due to the presence of smaller heat chambers.
  2. The Clamshell Machine is another important form of this machinery. In this machine a single arm that rotates is supported by many other arms at both ends and both heating and cooling is done in the same chamber.
  3. The Shuttle Machines have two arms that move the material between the heating and the cooling chamber. The arms move independently and are able to turn the molds even bi-axially. This machine is extremely cost efficient and are perfect for those who are concerned about the return on their investment.
  4. The Carousel Machine is one of the most widely used rotational molding machines in the world. These machines generally have 4 arms and are available in a wide range of sizes. Users can choose either the independent model or the fixed model according to their requirement.

Apart from these types, some other types of rotational moulding machinery are also available in the market and users can choose according to their own requirement.

How Rotomoulding Machines Work?

Since the onset of industrial revolution in the 19th century life on earth has been largely dictated by machines. It is to be kept in mind that there are a large number of modern machines that are regularly used in different types of industrial sectors.
  • Rotational molding is one of the most favorite molding processes of modern companies who are involved in the manufacturing of different products that require molding.
  • These machines are to be maintained properly so that users can get the desired performance for the desired time.
  • In the rotational molding process the machine composes of a hollow tube filled with shot weight or a charge of materials. 
  • As the tube rotates the materials stick to the walls of the tube and take a definite shape, thus giving the product its final form.
However, before using these machines users should know everything about Rotomoulding Machinery.

What Products Are Manufactured by These Machines

These machines are used for manufacturing a large number of hollow plastic products.

Storage tanks that are largely used for both domestic as well as industrial purposes are manufactured by these machines. In order to add special properties tanks are coated with fire resistant and anti corrosion agents with the help of rotational molding machines.

Apart from this plastic furniture, toys, airplane parts, helmets, rowing boats, trailers, bins, road signs, road traffic safety control products, home wares and planters are also manufactured by these machines.

Other types of products are road traffic control products like plastic traffic cones, road barriers, drums, and other plastic road safety products.

These products are durable and can last for a long time even with minimum maintenance.

How Much Do They Cost?

Rotomoulding Machinery, being an important part of modern industrial sectors, is available at different prices. The price, however, largely depends on the type of the machine and users may have to pay the whole price before they get the delivery. Smaller machines are available between $700 and $2000, whereas larger machines are available at a higher rate, mainly within the range between $3500 and $4500.

Those who do not have much capital c an also opt for good quality pre used machines. These machines generally come at a lower cost and can serve the user’s purpose appropriately. If maintained properly these machines last for quite a few years irrespective of the frequency of their use. However, users have to take the help of professional experts while going for maintenance of these products.

Where To Buy These Machines From?

One of the most reliable ways to buy Rotational Moulding Machinery is to search online and get more information on the websites of their manufacturers and suppliers. The main advantage of online searching is that users can get their desired products delivered right to their door step without hopping from one store to another in search of their desired product. It is to be kept in mind that there are a large number of online stores that sell these products and users have to be extra careful while making a choice. For more information visit G+.

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Steel Rolling Mill Machinery and Its all About

A to Z of Steel Rolling Mill Machines

When it comes to industrialization rolling mills deserve a special mention as these machines have been an integral part of the industrial improvement over the last few decades. Since the industrial revolution there have been a number of changes in the technology involved in different industrial sectors.

Rolling mills have also changed in form, dimension and technology from time to time and have today emerged as one of the most important machines in the modern industrial sector.

Steel Rolling Mill Machines are used to form different objects from steel bars by passing the bar through two rollers.

In this machine two or more rollers are placed on each other in different configurations in order to produce different types of steel products.

How It Works:

There are two types of rolling processes applied by the companies− hot rolling process and cold rolling process.

In the hot rolling process that metal sheet is rolled above its recrystallization temperature. This process is cost efficient and is used to produce durable steel materials. Sheet metals such as railway tracks are manufactured through this process.

The cold rolling process on the other hand is done below the recrystallization temperature of the material. The cold rolling process is a bit more expensive but the products manufactured through this process are extremely durable and are of top quality.

What Kind of Products are Manufactured by These Machines:

Different types of steel products are manufactured through Steel Rolling Mill Machines.

In most of the cases these machines are used to manufacture like:
  • Steel rods used in different industrial sectors, wire rod in coils, small flats, H-beams, I-beams, channels, angles, plates, hot strips and other steel products.
  • These products are used in both industrial as well as domestic fields and constitute an important part of modern industrial products.
  • However, different kinds of rolling processes are used for different kinds of products and so it is important for the manufacturers to employ the right process for the right product.

It is needless to mention that applying the right method for the right product is absolutely important if the product has to be impeccable.

Technologies Used in These Machines:

Different types of technologies are used for different rolling processes, like:

  • The Roll Bending technology is mainly used to produce a cylindrical product from a sheet of steel. In a roll bending process one roller is placed on top of two rollers placed side by side. When the sheet is passed through the gap between the top roller and the bottom roller it bends, thus forming a cylindrical structure.
  • In the Roll Forming technology a long strip of steel is passed through the rollers which are mainly available in 2 rollers, 3 rollers and 4 rollers configuration.
  • In the Ring Rolling technology is mainly used to reduce the thickness of the cylinder walls and increase the diameter of the product. This technology is applied to manufacture products including pressure vessels, pipes, airplanes, turbines and rockets.
  • Several other technologies of rolling are also used by Steel Rolling Mill Machines in order to produce different types of goods. Over the last few years there has been a huge improvement in the manufacturing sector. The improvement in technology has led to the production of better materials that can perform impeccable for a long time.

Cost of Such Machines:

The price of steel rolling mills largely depends on the nature of the machine and the scale of its operation. Smaller rolling mills are available at a price range between 30000 and 80000 which makes these machines affordable by new entrepreneurs.

However, larger scale machines are available at a price range of 300000 to 500000 and are generally procured by large scale industrial users. On an average these machines last for quite a few years if maintained properly. It is to be kept in mind that users have to employ expert professionals in the maintenance process of these machines.

At Last(But Not the Least):

Nowadays it is not hard to buy steel rolling mill machines as there are a large number of companies that manufacture and distribute such machines all over the world. Buyers can easily visit the website of such manufacturers to get an overall idea of the products offered by them. However, it is always advisable to contact the manufacturers in person before placing an order for such a products according, to their own requirements.

For more information visit G+.

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