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Rubber Moulded Components for Automobiles

Automotive Rubber Parts & Their Applications in Automobiles

A car or any other vehicle is made up using lots of technology, equipments and parts. Similarly there are some particular types of rubber molded products or parts which are also used in making vehicles. Such automotive rubber components play a very important role in proper functioning of the automobiles. 

rubber bellows for automobiles

Below I am mentioning some very important rubber parts which are used in automobile industries worldwide:

Rubber Dust Covers: These rubber products find a large application in auto industry. They are used to protect some parts of vehicles like suspensions, steering, etc. from dust, so that they can work efficiently. They also increase the life of such parts.

rubber dust covers for automobiles

Rubber Grommets: These are round rings made of rubber which are inserted into a hole so that it can enforce the hole as well as protect the edge of the hole. These also protects the hole edge from the metal objects inserted through the hole. For example in a car if some wires pass though such holes in metal sheet of the car then these grommets protects these wires from the sharp edges of these holes, as well as protecting the wires from any wear and tear too.

rubber grommets for automobiles

Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts: These are rubber products which are bonded with metals are used to isolate the vibration and noise generated by the vehicle or any other machines. Some examples of such rubber parts are suspension bushes, torque rod bushes, silent block bushes, etc.

rubber to metal bonded parts for auto industry

Engine Mountings: Engine mounting is used to attach the engine with the car body. They prevent any kind of vibrations(caused by the engine) from passing to the car body. They are made up of combination of metal and high quality rubber. They are very very important for any car and vehicle.

engine mountings for vehicles

Cushion Foot Mountings: These are also one of the type of anti vibration mountings which are not only used in vehicles but also in generators and other machinery. They are used for high performance, to bear high load, and were long service life is needed. They are made from superior quality of rubbers which are very high resistance to wear & tear and vibration resistant.

cushion foot mountings for automobiles

Isolator Mountings: These are also called engine mounts as they isolate the other parts of the vehicle from the vibrations and vibration noise generated by the engine.
O Mountings: These mountings are used in some particular parts of the vehicle to protect them from vibration and shocks. Thus it also play a role of vibration isolation and shock absorbers resulting in smooth functioning of the car and comfortable experience. Apart from the vehicles these mountings are also used in other machinery and equipments like generators, high speed motors, and other machines.

o mountings for automobiles

U Mountings: Similar to the o mountings these are also used in some particular parts of the vehicles and other machines to protect from the shocks and vibrations. 
u mountings for automobiles
Rubber Bellows: Theses rubber components(also called as rubber gaiters) are used to protect some particular parts of the vehicles from dust, debris, weather conditions, etc. thus increasing the life of those parts of the vehicles. Made from high quality rubber, these parts also provide cushioning effect and last for very long.

rubber bellows for automobiles

Rubber Gaskets: These atc as seals and are used to prevent fluid leaks between two substrate parts. They also find good applications in automobiles.

rubber gaskets for auto industry

Rubber Packings: These are used in automobile industry for the purpose of sealing any compartment so that no air, gas, or oil leaks in or out. These sometimes are also called rubber gaskets, and thus are very vital for any vehicle or some particular machines.

rubber packings for automobiles

Rectangular Sandwich Mountings: These mountings are used to fix engine of vehicle, and are in rectangular in shape. In this mounting a high quality rubber is sandwiched between two metal plates, so that rubber provide a cushion zone and absorb vibrations caused by the engines and jerks while driving.

rectangular sandwich mountings for automobiles

Suspension Bushes: These are nothing but some rubber components which are used to hold steering system and shockers in place. These also absorb any shocks and jerks thus protecting the steering components from any wear and tear. Worn out suspension bushes need to be replaced as soon as possible as it me result in other harm to the vehicle like uneven wear of the tyres, vehicle pulling to one side, irritating vibration & noise, uncomfortable ride, etc.

suspension bushes for automobiles

Silent Block Bushes: These bushes are used in vehicles suspension systems to absorb the vibrations caused by the vehicle. They are also very necessary for the proper functioning of the vehicle suspension system and comfortable ride experience.

silent block bushes

Rubber Sleeves: These are rubber hollow tubes which are used to cover various parts of the vehicle to protect them from any wear & tear, rust, corrosion, etc. thus prolonging their life.

rubber sleeves for auto industry

Rubber Bushes: These are cylindrical rubber tubes which are used in automobiles to absorb shock load axially, radially and torsionally so that passengers experience a vibration free and comfortable ride.

rubber bushes for auto industry
Torque Rod Bushes: These bushes are made from high quality urethane rubber and are know for their high tensile strength. These bushes are used in heavy vehicles like trucks, buses, dumpers, cargo truck, tractors and other heavy vehicles to support torque reaction force(generated by the vehicle during speeding, slowing and halting) which is quite necessary to absorb the vibration and for comfortable ride in heavy vehicles.

torque rod bush for automobiles

Rubber Buffers: These rubber products are used for absorbing energy and slowing the impacting object to a gradual stop on overhead cranes, elevators, doors, bumpers, etc. It reduces the impact of force caused by striking of two surfaces thus saving both of them from wear and tear.
rubber buffers for automobiles

Anti Vibration Mountings: These are particular mountings which are specially used to prevent any vibration to pass from one part to other part. For example these are also used to prevent the vibration generated by the engine to the vehicle compartment, so that passengers get comfortable ride.

anti vibration mountings for automobiles

Rubber Oil Seals: Also called as shaft oil seals, lip seals and radial oil seals, the oil seals are used to seal around and keep oil or lubricant inside the engine, axle or any other compartment. These are quite important for the proper and smooth functioning of the machine or engine.

rubber oil seals

Rubber O Rings: These are one of the type of oil seals as mentioned above, but apart from oil sealing they are also used to prevent air from leaking out. Apart from automobiles they are also used in different machines and equipments like underwater cameras, scuba diving equipments, water proof machines, etc.

rubber o rings

Rubber Diaphragms: Also known as diaphragm seals are flexible rubber seals which are used to prevent transmission of any substance(oil, gas, liquid, dust, etc.) between two places.

rubber diaphragms for automobiles

Rubber Rollers: These(also called rubber covered rolls) are sheet of rubber which are used for spreading, laminating and guiding in automobile and various other industries.

rubber rolls

Rubber Washers: These are rubber rings which are used to prevent transmission of vibration from one part to other. These are also used in many other machines and equipments.

rubber washers

Rubber Bumpers: These are elongated rubber cover used on front and rear side of a vehicle to protect by reducing the impact of any collision with a vehicle or any other objects.

rubber bumpers for automobiles

Rubber Sheets: These rubber sheets are used widely in different industrial sectors including the automobile industry. These sheets are used for covering, decorating, protecting and other multipurpose uses.

rubber sheets
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