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Steel Rolling Mill Machinery and Its all About

A to Z of Steel Rolling Mill Machines

When it comes to industrialization rolling mills deserve a special mention as these machines have been an integral part of the industrial improvement over the last few decades. Since the industrial revolution there have been a number of changes in the technology involved in different industrial sectors.

Rolling mills have also changed in form, dimension and technology from time to time and have today emerged as one of the most important machines in the modern industrial sector.

Steel Rolling Mill Machines are used to form different objects from steel bars by passing the bar through two rollers.

In this machine two or more rollers are placed on each other in different configurations in order to produce different types of steel products.

How It Works:

There are two types of rolling processes applied by the companies− hot rolling process and cold rolling process.

In the hot rolling process that metal sheet is rolled above its recrystallization temperature. This process is cost efficient and is used to produce durable steel materials. Sheet metals such as railway tracks are manufactured through this process.

The cold rolling process on the other hand is done below the recrystallization temperature of the material. The cold rolling process is a bit more expensive but the products manufactured through this process are extremely durable and are of top quality.

What Kind of Products are Manufactured by These Machines:

Different types of steel products are manufactured through Steel Rolling Mill Machines.

In most of the cases these machines are used to manufacture like:
  • Steel rods used in different industrial sectors, wire rod in coils, small flats, H-beams, I-beams, channels, angles, plates, hot strips and other steel products.
  • These products are used in both industrial as well as domestic fields and constitute an important part of modern industrial products.
  • However, different kinds of rolling processes are used for different kinds of products and so it is important for the manufacturers to employ the right process for the right product.

It is needless to mention that applying the right method for the right product is absolutely important if the product has to be impeccable.

Technologies Used in These Machines:

Different types of technologies are used for different rolling processes, like:

  • The Roll Bending technology is mainly used to produce a cylindrical product from a sheet of steel. In a roll bending process one roller is placed on top of two rollers placed side by side. When the sheet is passed through the gap between the top roller and the bottom roller it bends, thus forming a cylindrical structure.
  • In the Roll Forming technology a long strip of steel is passed through the rollers which are mainly available in 2 rollers, 3 rollers and 4 rollers configuration.
  • In the Ring Rolling technology is mainly used to reduce the thickness of the cylinder walls and increase the diameter of the product. This technology is applied to manufacture products including pressure vessels, pipes, airplanes, turbines and rockets.
  • Several other technologies of rolling are also used by Steel Rolling Mill Machines in order to produce different types of goods. Over the last few years there has been a huge improvement in the manufacturing sector. The improvement in technology has led to the production of better materials that can perform impeccable for a long time.

Cost of Such Machines:

The price of steel rolling mills largely depends on the nature of the machine and the scale of its operation. Smaller rolling mills are available at a price range between 30000 and 80000 which makes these machines affordable by new entrepreneurs.

However, larger scale machines are available at a price range of 300000 to 500000 and are generally procured by large scale industrial users. On an average these machines last for quite a few years if maintained properly. It is to be kept in mind that users have to employ expert professionals in the maintenance process of these machines.

At Last(But Not the Least):

Nowadays it is not hard to buy steel rolling mill machines as there are a large number of companies that manufacture and distribute such machines all over the world. Buyers can easily visit the website of such manufacturers to get an overall idea of the products offered by them. However, it is always advisable to contact the manufacturers in person before placing an order for such a products according, to their own requirements.

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